Men’s Studded Gladiator Cuff


Dressing up as a gladiator this Halloween? Make sure to protect your forearms and add this Men’s Studded Gladiator Cuff. A must have costume accessory to complete your Ancient Rome inspired look.

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It’s Hero Time! “Hail, Caesar! We, about to die, salute thee!” Whoa, depressing much? Not really. Those gladiators were just covering their bases. Obviously they planned to defeat their enemies, impress the crowds, become a mighty hero and all that jazz, but…their opponents were usually huge tigers who hadn’t been fed in a week and were starting to think that a nice, muscle-bound gladiator might be a tasty snack. Or a huge criminal who had been promised his freedom if he could bash in enough gladiator heads. So, just in case, the gladiators made sure to salute the throne like it was the last thing they’d ever do. Fortunately for you, you’ve got the right equipment and skills – you’ll be a hero for sure! Product DetailsEmerge victorious from an epic struggle and become Caesar’s champion with these Studded Gladiator Cuffs for Men! These molded cuffs are embellished with a cool spike design and will keep your wrists safe from the swords and spears of your opponents (imaginary, of course). The Mightiest FighterBefore there was the WWE, there were gladiators! Suit up as an ancient warrior and complete an amazing costume with these awesome cuffs.

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