Unicorn Soft Face Mask


Accessorize your costume or your everyday outfit with this Unicorn Soft Face Mask. This mask resembles an adorable unicorn with pink details and a gold horn on the forehead.

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Everyday UnicornLast year was hard for you. You lost work, you moved, your significant other needed “space,” whatever that means. Your cat even ran away! So when the clock struck midnight on the new year, you made a very clear promise to yourself. This year, I will not let setbacks become my reality. I will rise above. I will make my own magic. This year, I will be a unicorn. And just like that, mind over matter, you turned your life around! That’s the wonder and power of unicorns. This Soft Unicorn Face Mask is just one way you can get your daily dose of unicorn inspiration. Wear it on the subway or to a party. Wear it for a lunch stroll in the park or to a friend’s karaoke birthday. There is no place that unicorns aren’t welcome, so enjoy the feel-good vibes this great mask brings you! Product DetailsThis face mask features elastic ear loops and an unconventional approach to masking! The cover is actually made to look like a furry, white unicorn’s head, with a golden 3-D horn coming out of it. Pink accents up the cuteness factor, and make it a definite standout—just like you!

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