Plus Size Red Minnie Classic Costume


Did you know that Minnie Mouse made her debut right along with Mickey in 1928? She looks great for her age, doesn’t she? Celebrate the original Disney character with our womens Plus Size Red Minnie Classic Costume!

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As you may know, Ms. GaGa was not the one to start the giant hair bow trend. This look, embraced by the world, was started by none other than Minerva Mouse, Minnie Mouse to her friends. With her big black ears, this look is especially dashing. Minnie’s sense of style is iconic. Puffed sleeves never left her wardrobe, and she’s been wearing polka dots since the 1920’s. Now that’s consistency. People might be surprised that a mouse can be a style icon. We’re here to stand up and say, “Why not?”. P>Minnie Mouse is a hopeless romantic, maybe that’s why so many of us still love her nearly one hundred years after she first appeared in Walt’s first cartoon. In a romance that’s decades-long, Minnie has been saving her paramour, Mickey, from himself for a long time. While Minnie may be sweet, she’s certainly no pushover. Even when she’s playing the damsel in distress she often ends up wiggling out of trouble and saving her friends. With her charming, “Yoo Hoo!” Ms. Mouse has been winning our hearts for decades. You’ll be just as charming, and not at all mousey when you channel Minnie’s iconic look for your next costumed event. This dress has Minnie’s classic polka dots and puffed sleeves but remains figure flattering with a belted waistline and full skirt. Top it off with the ears and bow and you’ll be ready for your own adventure. Just remember to practice your Minnie voice, it’s harder than it looks!

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