Girl’s Aerospace Mathematician Child Costume


Give your child the chance to dress up like her favorite NASA hero, Katherine Johnson, with this Aerospace Mathematician Costume for girls. This 1960s style costume includes a red a-line dress with white contrast collar, black belt, and name badge with la

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Not All Heroes Wear CapesGive your child the chance to dress up like her favorite NASA hero, Katherine Johnson! The contributions of this American hero led to the first successful NASA spaceflight, and every journey into space since. She was one of the first Black women to work as a NASA scientist, and refused to listen to anyone who told her otherwise. Without her brilliant mind, we might still have two feet planted on the ground. Forget Superman or Wonder Woman. Katherine Johnson’s the real hero.Product DetailsThis costume comes with all the pieces needed to make your kid feel like they’re walking into their first day at NASA in the 1960s. It comes with a collared heathered A-line red dress, black belt, and name badge with metal lanyard (with Ms. Johnson’s actual picture on the front!) It’s a dress of the times while looking fresh and updated (because we all know fashion is circuitous.) Let your kid add shoes that make them feel smart and confident (whether those are power flats or a pair or Chucks!) and a necklace if they want, because a little jewelry never hurt anyone. You might even catch them carrying their math book around!The dress is polyester and pulls on over the head. A hook and loop fastener on the back of the collar makes it easy to slip on. The dress has an elastic waistband too, to add a tapered look. But the elastic won’t show under the faux leather belt, which also opens and closes with hook and loop fasteners.Fly Me to the MoonYour kid will feel like they’re up for any job when they don this costume. They’ll want to wear it year-round–there’s no better good-luck charm to wear during an important math test! It’s cute enough for every day but remarkable enough to make a standout Halloween costume.

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