11″ Neon Light Trick or Treat Sign


Embrace the Halloween spirit by decorating your home. Invite costumed ghosts and ghouls into your home with this 11 Inch Neon Light Trick or Treat Sign.

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Stop Right HereWhoever came up with the idea of giving candy away to cleverly dressed witches, wizards, firemen, ballerinas and more deserves a gold medal. Any day that you can offer a candy bar to a pint-sized cartoon character is a good one in our book! Product DetailsLet trick-or-treaters know not to skip your house by putting out a welcoming 11-Inch Neon Light Trick or Treat Sign! The black rectangular sign is printed with two bats fluttering around the words “Trick or Treat” that are written in orange and purple lettering. When activated, the sign lights up! 

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