Red Clown Shoes


These Red Clown Shoes will add some pizzazz to your clown fit. How can you be taken funnily if you don’t have large red shoes flapping around? Stop clowning around and buy them already.

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Hilarious or Horrifying?Are you planning to dress up as a funny clown who makes people smile with slapstick comedy and unicycle skills? You’re going to need a correspondingly silly pair of shoes. Or, are you planning to go the circus creep route instead, causing people to shriek and run away from your bloodstained fangs? You’re still going to need silly shoes. It’ll make your outfit even more terrifying. Product DetailsMake a silly or spooky impression in these Red Clown Costume Shoes! The circus-worthy footwear are made out of shiny red faux patent leather and black plastic soles. They feature oversized, rounded toes and lace up the front with red shoelaces. On with the Show Skip over clown school and just get these shoes! Once you put them on, you’ll have no trouble acting the part of either a happy-go-lucky jester or a sinister monster with a bloodthirsty mind. 

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