Women’s Mortuary Mama Plus Size Costume


Become a sultry, Gothic goddess in this Women’s Mortuary Mama Plus Size Costume. This costume features a lace-trimmed black mermaid style dress. Available in 1X, 2X and 3X.

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It’s hard to find love in the modern era. There are basically two choices. There’s those scary dating apps where everyone lies to each other and you never know who you’re going to meet in the flesh. Then there’s the bar. What’s more spooky than that? There are plenty of ghouls just waiting to suck your soul. It takes a brave woman to trespass on that unholy territory. For a lady of your stature, those are simply not viable options for you.So who could blame you for coming back to the place where your romantic interests never interrupt you, are always wearing their best, and are never busy? The folks there may come off as cold, but you know they’ll return your affections once you work your charms. With the white marble facade, the golden trimmed caskets, and the candlelit chapel, there’s no more romantic place to do your wooing. And if they happen to be the one? You can take them back to your private sepulcher and see if your underworld connections can change that cadaver’s condition. It’s not your normal run of the mill meet cute, but how romantic can normal be?Maybe you won’t literally be raising the dead in this gorgeous gothic gown but you’ll definitely be raising some approving eyebrows. The lace and sequin details make this dress the classiest gown any of the other necromancers have seen this season. So maintain that desolate disposition and don your mortuary mama dress, all undead eyes are on you.

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