Funky Disco Plus Size Costume for Men


This Men’s Funky Disco Plus Size Costume is an exclusive design that will turn you into a dance off champion. Available in 2X and 3X.

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DANGER! HIGH VOLTAGE!Not just any man has what it takes to light a dance floor ablaze as soon as he walks into the room. It takes guts. It takes attitude. It takes a booty that won’t quit, even when “the man” tries to make you stop dancing. But mostly, it takes a strong dedication to ’70s style, complete with tons of metallic colors, satiny smooth fabrics and deep, deep v-neck shirts (as deep as the Grand Canyon).Are you that kind of man? Do you have that attitude? Are your moves going to electrify the dance floor into dazzling blazes of sparks and fire? Well then, hotshot, you’ve come to the right place, since we’ve crafted the kind of outfit that’s tailor-made for your kind of manly mojo.DESIGN & DETAILSDanger! Danger! High voltage! You’re going to start a fire in the disco when you put this Funky Disco costume on. Its plus size gives those large and in charge kind of guys the opportunity to cause a funkified storm on the dance floor. That’s right, the shiny blue button-up shirt has an electric aura that’s so fierce, you might start a few sparks when you slyly undo the top few buttons down to reveal your manly chest hair. The shimmering silver pants, bring a metallic look so dazzling, you’re going to need a set of shades just to wear them.BRING SOME SHADESAnd what about anyone who sets eyes on you busting a move under the disco ball? Well, they’re going to need two pairs of sunglasses—no, make that three pairs of sunglasses AND a fire extinguisher, because your look is going to be so blazing hot, even an iceberg won’t be able to cool you off.

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