Kid’s Astronaut Space Helmet


Prepare your child to launch into their space adventures with this plush astronaut helmet. Let their imagination take them to the outer realms of space and the final frontier with this helmet.

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Do your kids get mesmerized by the endless night sky? Do they devour every alien movie that you let them get their hands on? Do they fall asleep to stars and planets glowing on their bedroom ceiling? We get their fascination. Space is infinite. We’ll never know everything that exists out there. Who knows, maybe a green little alien kid is looking out from their planet, galaxies away, dreaming about who could be looking back at them through the stars.  This Halloween, your little ones can get in touch with that space explorer they long to be. Sure, they might not get to moon walk on. . . well, the moon. They might not have to eat freeze dried meals in a sterile space station. They might even drink Tang but once they put on their space suit and top it off with this gold, white, and silver Astronaut helmet and their imagination will launch into orbit. It’s amazing how far kids can go when they haven’t even left the house!

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