Forum Mermaid Makeup Kit


You’ve got your tail and seashell bra ready, but don’t forget the makeup! Get a complete mermaid look this Halloween with this Mermaid Makeup Kit.

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Have you ever wondered how mermaids achieve their sparkly, unique look? We have too! They spend all day in the water only to emerge with a look that us dry land girls would be lucky to achieve. Now, their sparkly skin might have something to do with their scaley ancestry. It could also be caused by the crystallized salt from the ocean and the green hues of the algae. Either way, it’s been hard to reproduce their incandescent look without getting some mermaid expert help. Add this makeup kit to your seashell and fin ensemble and you’re sure to look like you’re genuinely from the deep. This kit has all the major elements of mermaid facial fashion including face paint colors of purple, dark green, blue, and a shimmery green. There is also a detailing pencil in black, four different colors of sparkle to give yourself a briny look, and two sponges. With all these colors there are enough colors to make you look like you belong in either warm or cold waters.The best part is when you’re ready to return to your earthly life, your make up can simply wash off with water. Kind of ironic for a mermaid but it’s very handy for us humans!

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