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Bring the party with you with the Binoculars Flask! Finish off an explorer’s costume with this fun adult accessory binoculars. Please use responsibly.

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Flycatcher SubterfugeLet us let you in on a little secret. Bird watching is a great excuse for heading out into the woods. While someone might question why you’re heading into the sticks with your favorite drink in your hand, it’s not likely that anyone will ask why you’re carrying a set of binoculars to a lookout point. And if you really want to have a good time, get to know your birds because many bird names are ripe for a laugh. When a suspicious someone is asking about your intentions get your giggle on while revealing your feathery knowledge by saying something like, “Heard there was a Hoary Puffleg in the area.” or “These trees are a favorite of lesser-known Van Dam’s Vanga”. The suspicious party might think you’re making your bird names up. And hey, maybe you are. But if we’re being honest, what you’re up to in the woods simply isn’t their business!Product Details While these binoculars won’t be able to help you see far and clearly, they will carry up to sixteen ounces of the liquid of your choice. It includes a funnel for easy pouring and looks hilarious as you sip from either side of the eyepiece. Lucky for happy campers everywhere, you can use the strap to easily carry the flask on your excursions. A Cheery ViewWhile we think camping when we see this flask, you can bring these binoculars anywhere that you might need a view. They make a great gift for outdoor lovers who love to sip on their favorite beverage from a perch with a good view. From soccer games to music festivals, this cheeky party accessory is sure to be a great conversation starter. 

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