Fluorescent Makeup Crayons Kit


Add a bit of fluorescent fun and glow to your face when you use this Fluorescent Makeup Crayons Kit. This Fluorescent Makeup Crayons Kit features 5 different colors that will give you lots of options to create a beautiful and unique masterpiece on your fa

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True Fluor-EssenceTo you, chrome and neon colors will always feel futuristic. Minimalist styles and clean lines will always fit the bill as well. That’s precisely why your Halloween costumes look the way they do. Capturing the true essence of a decade that couldn’t ignore the future is your goal. So, silver skirts and vibrant green hair make your alien look pop. And when you’re not going alien, your futuristic disco dancer is a must! Being able to pair eye-catching stripes with florals makes you feel retro yet ready to leap into the next generation. Plus, those vintage vibes are the trend that just won’t quit, making your costumes timeless. However, after a handful of variations on both styles, you’re ready to mix it up even more. Instead of orange full-body paint or vibrant yellow beehive wigs, it’s time to take your vintage future into the present with this Fluorescent Crayon Makeup Kit!Product DetailsUpdate your alien cosmetics or discotheque style with these fun and easy-to-use makeup crayons! The professional quality, hypoallergenic makeup is great for creating countless designs to complement all your makeup looks. Draw fine lines and fill in larger spaces with the five available crayons, and when you’re done wearing your work, wash clean with soap and water! With yellow, pink, green, purple, and blue crayons included, you’ll have the basics for executing your wildest concepts. From full-face makeup to playful shapes on your kiddo’s cheeks, this simple kit has you covered!

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