Finger Cymbals


Accessorize your belly dancer costume with these Finger Cymbals. They feature gold-tone cymbals with elastic finger loops.

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Make Some NoiseAttention everyone, please make some noise for the coolest accessory around. Cue the drum roll! Introducing the finger cymbals. If you’ve been thinking about taking up an instrument, then it’s your lucky day. Forget about tubas and flutes because percussion is where it’s at. Turn any gathering into a celebration by placing these on your fingers. Next, bash them together to make an entertaining noise. A party will pop up anywhere you go. No lessons needed, this musical accessory will turn anyone into a professional percussionist in no time.Product DetailsAlso known by the name zills, the finger cymbals are easy to use and easy to fasten. Slip each set of shiny gold cymbals through your thumb and middle digits via the stretchy elastic loop. Start making music by smashing them together harmoniously. You can create music anywhere you go. Just stash this relatively small item in your purse or pocket and pull them out anytime and anywhere to make glorious music. A Smashing Costume Accessory Zills can be paired with many different costumes to make most international costumes appear more authentic. The belly dancer or gypsy costume of your dreams will look better once your sporting awesome finger cymbals. They are sure to be a hit at any costume party! 

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