Girl’s Spanish Dancer Costume


Put on some Latin music! She’ll be ready to hit the dance floor to show off her moves on Halloween night in this beautiful Girl’s Spanish Dancer Costume!

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Your daughter has always been in to dancing. You put her in ballet when she was three just to see her in a cute little tutu. And she loved it. She loved it so much that at seven she asked if she could join a hip hop dance class. Again she was great at it.Now she wants to try her feet at something a little more challenging. She wants to trade in her baggy capri sweats for beautiful swishy dresses. She wants to learn to Salsa. She wants to learn the Mambo. And even the Flamenco. She has all the grace from ballet, and the rhythm of hip hop to be one of the best Spanish dancers you have ever seen. She just needs the beautiful dress to do let her look the part.You never thought you would see anything more adorable than her in a tutu at three. And maybe you are right. But you will also never see anything more beautiful than her in this Child Spanish Dancer Costume. She will be sweeping the floor with her dance competition, and looking fabulous as she does it in this red sequined, and black frilled dress. Who knows she might just go on to win dance competitions all over the country, maybe even invited to Dancing with the Stars. All because you inspired her love of dancing.

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