Fake Diploma Prop


Feel like the smartest person in the room this Halloween with our exclusive Fake Diploma Prop! This prop accessory is the perfect addition to a graduation themed costume.

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Class Dismissed!Knowledge is power! That’s especially true when it comes to planning the perfect costume or staging an epic performance. All of the details have to be just so for the perfect amount of authenticity. When you wear a school or college-inspired costume or perform a play set in a classroom, you’ll want to look as realistic as possible! Product DetailsHave you ever wanted a degree in metalworking, ancient Greek, or stuntsmanship? Hey, us too! Now you can….pretend you have one of those degrees with an exclusive Fake Diploma Prop Accessory! The sturdy beige material is printed to look like an aged piece of parchment in a cyndrilical shape, and is tied and sealed with a red rosette on a satin ribbon. Commencement Time You know what they say: “C’s get degrees….if ‘C’ stands for Costume, that is!” You don’t have to take a class to know that getting this prop to wear with your academia-inspired costume is a really smart move. 

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