Emerald Maiden Costume for Women


Be the best dressed maiden in all the land with this Women’s Emerald Maiden Costume. You might get lucky and have your knight in shining armor come sweep you off your feet.

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Disorder in the CourtDo you think you have what it takes to serve in a royal court? It sure sounds fancy, but life in court was never easy. You had to be careful with what you said, who you looked at, and what clothes you wore. If you made the mistake of wearing a fur that was nicer than the queen’s furs, you could be sent away from court for good! On top of keeping track of courtesy codes, a successful lady in court had to remember the complicated steps of many dances. At least the royal court was comfortable, right? Not really! Castles were often rather chilly and often surprisingly crowded with lice and mice running amok through the fine royal trappings. Looking back, it’s enough to make us glad for our less dramatic yet much more comfortable homes. Now, you can dress like a royal lady without having to deal with the disorder of court!Design & DetailsThis Made By Us emerald gown was designed by our in-house creative team. The long gown zips up the back, making slipping into this look easy. The velvet gown is trimmed with ornate off-white lace down the front. The white panel along the neckline and along the sleeves would make this a fashionable choice in a royal court. This high-quality gown is perfect for Renaissance Fairs and themed costume parties, making it a staple in your costume wardrobe!Rising in the RanksAre you dressing up as a lady in waiting? A traveling enchantress? A bona fide princess? Bring your character to life with the right hat, jewelry, or props. For instance, a princess might wear a circlet while a lady in waiting might wear a crown of braids or flowers. In the meantime practice your curtseys. If you’re going to make it in court, you’d better start practicing now! 

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