Dopey Deluxe Infant Costume


Dress your child as the most carefree, easy going dwarf from Snow White in this Dopey Deluxe Infant Costume.

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We’ve been thinking about it and we concluded that babies are very similar to Snow White’s seven dwarfs. They are both miniature humans who have the same hobbies and similar temperaments. Allow us to explain. There is a dwarf named Bashful and infants have the tendency to get really shy. The same can be said for Sleepy, Grumpy, and especially…Dopey!One of the best things about being around babies is witnessing their dopey expressions. It’s adorable when they squish their faces together and stick their little fingers in their nose. Most importantly, everyone gets a little dopey when they are in the presence of a baby. It’s impossible to look at their chubby cheeks and round bellies and not say, “goo goo gaga.” It’s crazy how their lovable (and dopey) faces have the ability to make us babble incoherently (and stupidly), but that’s a baby’s natural charm! So of course we find it fitting to dress as many infants as possible in this adorable deluxe Dopey infant costume.Now you can watch your baby acting dopey while he looks like the cartoon dwarf with the same name! This costume consists of a soft green tunic with a padded belly to give your baby an even pudgier appearance. Pull the floppy hat over his head and stretch the booties around his feet and he’ll look ready to march to the mines and collect some diamonds. His marching may be a little uncoordinated, but he’ll get there!

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