Women’s Dalmatian Diva Costume


You’ll look fierce in this women’s dalmatian diva costume. This costume features a pencil skirt, faux fur on the collar, and a red belt that cinches at the waist. You’ll be looking like a Dalmatian Dive in no time.

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We’re a Halloween costume company, so of course, we’ve heard all kinds of stories about women going to great lengths to transform into the infamous Dalmatian Diva. Here’s one of the shocking stories we’ve been told from a customer who will remain anonymous…A couple years ago, a very lonely and deeply disturbed self-proclaimed cat lady got the idea that she was really the Dalmatian Diva incarnate. One day, surrounded by her horde of cats, she got the sinister idea that she would pretend to be a dog walker. Once she collected enough clients, she would conspire to steal their puppies so she could make the best Dalmation Diva costume the world has ever seen, using puppy fur (yikes). To make a long story short, the potential puppy kidnapper was nabbed before she could carry out her diabolical and delusional plan (thank goodness).So, if you’re thinking up unique ways to create your own Dalmatian Diva costume… just don’t. We would hate to see you go down the wrong path and end up like the crazy cat lady; in a jail cell without her feline friends. Just trust us and use this ladies Dalmatian Diva costume instead!This costume features a mermaid style pencil skirt, crafted from a mix of black and polka dot fabric. The 3/4 sleeve dress features faux fur around the collar, a sleek front zipper, and a red belt that cinches around the waist. Add a wig, cigarette holder, and red heels to polish the look. Now you have the perfect Dalmatian Diva costume and you won’t have to spend time thinking up grim ways to make your own!

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