Western Cowboy Costume Hat – Brown


How can you be considered a cowboy without your Brown Western Outlaw Vigilante Cowboy Costume Hat. It is high noon and now it is time to get back on your horse!

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Get Along Little DogiesCowboy hats are a must-have for any pilgrim on the range. That’s because the classic ten-gallon hat is perfectly versatile for the intense weather patterns of the open plains and mountain ranges of the wild west. The brim keeps a cowboy’s ears and face nice and shady under the intense sun. Then again, it keeps a buckaroo’s eyes clear when rain and snow roll in. Plus, this is the perfect hat for tipping to the ladies before riding into the sunset. Whether you’re planning on rolling into town as the new sheriff or you want to try your chops at taming a wild stallion, this hat is a must-have for any cowboy of any sort!Product DetailsThis brown cowboy hat is a must-have for any costume wardrobe. The caramel-colored felt hat has a shiny band around the top. High-quality enough to wear again and again, you’ll feel right at home in the wild west once this hat is on your noggin!Howdy PardnerPutting together the perfect cowboy costume is easy. Check out the rest of our cowboy costumes to create the perfect old west persona for yourself! Whether you pair this with one of our costumes or wear it solo, this is one hat that says, “Don’t fence me in!”

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