Daily Prophet Newspaper Print Lightweight Scarf


This Daily Prophet Newspaper Print Lightweight Scarf is inspired by the Daily Prophet newspaper in Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban.

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Get Your Headlines! Do you have five Knuts to spare for a copy of the Wizarding World’s finest newspaper? Rita Skeeter has just released a shocking article about the strange goat habits of Aberforth Dumbledore, and you won’t want to miss it!(Don’t worry, we also take Muggle money if you’re out of Wizarding coin. Just remember to pay your owl before it leaves! Fans of the Harry Potter universe will love wrapping this Daily Prophet Newspaper Print Lightweight Scarf around their shoulders. No need to get the news; with this fashionable accessory, you ARE the news! Product DetailsThis light, gauzy scarf features a collage pattern of different, ominous Daily Prophet headlines and clippings, all in black and white. Several of them appear in the movies. Many are related to Vold—sorry, You-Know-Who and his continuing rise to power. Rumors of escapes from Azkaban, reports of Death Eather attacks, records of the Dark Mark spotted…all of these and more are featured on the fabric. While some articles include pictures, we’re afraid that this is a Muggle product, so the pictures will not move. However, if you do see movement in the corner of your eye…well, the Ministry might need to pay a visit!

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