Disney Hunny Pot Baby Carrier Cover


If you’re dressing up as Pooh Bear for Halloween this year, make sure to bring your favorite treat with you when you get this adorable Hunny Pot Baby Carrier Cover!

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A Sweet CompanionAre you and your baby ready for a romp through the Hundred Acre Wood? Then it’s time to get into character! When you dress up as Winnie the Pooh, your little one is going to want to join in on the fun. With this adorable and cozy baby carrier cover, your child can join you in sweet style. The costume works with most baby carriers and it’s officially licensed from Disney!Design & DetailsIf you’re looking for the perfect baby costume to pair with your Winnie the Pooh costume, then this adorable outfit is for you! The Disney Hunny Pot baby Carrier Cover Costume is inspired by the Disney character’s favorite snack. The cover is made out of a soft, velour material with a soft headpiece shaped like a lid. The front of the cover has “Hunny” on the front, and the lid has embroidered details.The cover is designed to fit over your baby carrier and fits with fastener straps that secure to the carrier. The lid stays on your baby’s head with a simple strap that fits under the chin. It’s easy to use, and it turns your little one into the sweetest little sidekick a Pooh Bear could have!

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