Men’s Silver Werewolf Costume


This wolf looks hungry and he’s on the hunt for little children. This Silver Werewolf Costume is a scary costume for adults.

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Have you ever woken up the morning after a full moon to a bedroom that looks like it’s been torn to pieces by a wild animal, but there’s none to be found? If so, you might be a werewolf, and never realized it. One way to find out for sure is to dress up in this spooky Silver Werewolf Costume, and you can let your inner-monster out for a scary good time!Lycanthropes (or “werewolves” if we’re not going to be fancy) seem to have gotten a bad rap in recent centuries. Whenever strange things are seen in the woods around a village, or a bunch of livestock get torn to pieces during a full moon, it automatically gets pinned on werewolves! These days, though, werewolves are just trying to get by like everyone else, and don’t go around devouring farm animals (or farmers) like they used to. The only outliers are the ones that don’t know of their own condition, so they still go on a monthly feeding frenzy on the poor souls who get in their way.Wearing this frighteningly furry costume is a great way to feel like a werewolf without going through painful and dangerous transformations that come with being such a creature. The hooded mask has the classic werewolf monster style, with a snarling vinyl face surrounded by faux fur, and matching gloves with fierce claws! Add a pair of ripped up pants to match the included tatter plaid shirt to complete this spooky ensemble. Once you’ve spent a couple nights in this scary costume, you might not only realize you’ve been a werewolf all along, but also that you’re totally into it!

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