Women’s Rags to Royal Costume


Show them you are a sassy success with the Women’s Rags to Royal Costume. When rags meet royalty complete with sheer and shiny accents, to truly set yourself apart form the rest this Halloween!

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A Hidden GemThe royal court, not the street market, is your rightful place. Your beauty, kindness, and sparkling inner nobility can’t be hidden by your humble attire. Passers-by can tell with a single glance that there is something different about you. Who can blame them if they stop to stare as though they’ve spotted a princess peddling pomegranates rather than a run-of-the-mill beggar maiden?Your destiny is quickly approaching, however. No more will you be forced to work for your coin and beg for crusts. The sultan’s son is riding through the marketplace, unaware that deadly peril stalks him! When you save his life from an assassin’s blade, the prince will instantly recognize you as his true love. He will propose marriage to you on the spot and whisk you to the palace to be his bride!Product DescriptionCleverness and grace are all very well, but sometimes artfully tattered rags are the most helpful tools for calling attention to your loveliness. The sultan’s son can’t help but notice you when you wear your Women’s Rags to Royal Costume ensemble! A sleeveless, iridescent metallic midriff top with a buttoned front keeps you cool in the marketplace’s burning sun (hey, if Aladdin didn’t need a longer shirt for sleeping on the streets, neither do you). Your gold pants have a stretchy waistband and end just below the knee. Each leg features a daring slit up the side, for better mobility while you dash to block the spear thrown by the prince’s would-be murderer. Tie the shiny purple sash around your waist and pin on the matching fez to be a perfectly accessorized beggar-turned-princess! Your rags are so becoming that the sultan’s son might just ask you to wear your humble outfit to the wedding.Royalty BeckonsStep into your rightful place as princess and claim the hand of the prince. Maybe you weren’t born into the role, but with this Rags to Royal costume, you certainly look the part!

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