Disney Hercules Phil Costume Kit


You’ll be ready to train the next Olympic Hero in this Disney Hercules Phil Costume Kit! All the rookies will be coming to you for your skill training route!

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Two Words, Kid! Great, here comes another starry-eyed yahoo with more muscles than brains. You’re retired! Why can’t everyone leave you alone to mind your own business and – err – keep an eye out for the local nymphs. It’s just that there’s something a little different about this new kid. Maybe he really does have what it takes to Go the Distance. Product DetailsCome out of retirement to train the greatest hero that Olympus has ever seen! This officially licensed Phil Costume Kit from Disney Hercules will transform you into the wisecracking satyr sidekick (anger management issue not included). The kit includes two curled horns attached to a fabric-covered headband. The chin beard and “goatee” are made of reddish-brown  faux fur and end in an oversized pair of soft-sculpted ears. Fasten the satyr tail around your waist and you’re ready to start your own Ancient Greek fitness studio! That’s Phil’s Boy Finally, a hero with a heart as well as a strong right hook. It’s all due to your training, of course. Maybe you’ll even end up starring in an animated movie about Hercules! 

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