Chicken & the Egg Owner and Pet Costume Kit


Make this Halloween picture perfect by dressing up your best friend to match you in this Chicken and the Egg Owner & Pet Costume Kit! What is better than a perfect portrait with your number one?

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Which Came First? It’s an age old question: which came first, the chicken or the egg? No one can really answer that riddle, but you can definitely use the phrase to your advantage! Turn the idea into a costume. If no friends want to be an egg, why not grab your furry friend and reenact some possible egg and chicken beginnings? Well, your cat might just stalk off, but if you have a feline that enjoys snuggling close and doesn’t mind hats, then you should check out this Chicken & Egg Owner & Pet Costume Kit! Each piece is funny separately, but when you are together, people will get the joke. Product DetailsThis kit is pretty straightforward and comes with two hoods—one for you and a smaller one for your cat. Each is a soft, polyester flannel, with an elastic chin strap for a secure and comfortable fit. The kitty hood is the egg, which is white with a large yellow yoke on the top. Your cap is the chicken head. The yellow hood has an overhanging orange beak, two black eyes, and a red chicken’s comb protruding from the top. What’s that? Your cat would rather be the chicken? We thought you were in charge! We’re kidding, of course. Everybody knows that cats are just a couple of thumbs away from ruling the world. So, will the feline egg chase down the chicken? Or will that human chicken chase after the egg? Anything can happen when cats are involved! 

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