Women’s Friday Costume


If you could be any day of the week, what would it be? Don’t worry we already know the answer and we have the perfect costume too when you get this Women’s Sexy Friday Costume!

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TGIFMaking it to the end of the week is one of the best feelings there is. There is almost no better way to make someone happy who is down than telling them that they have made it past Wednesday and are now all the way at Friday.Friday is just better in every way! If you have a bad Friday, then you at least know that you have Friday night coming up soon. Saturday can be hit and miss, and Sunday is often way too busy, but no matter what, Friday is always great!Product DetailsIf you are looking for a cool, gothic inspired costume, then you can’t go wrong with this dark and brooding Women’s Friday Costume. The white collar really sets off the black of this dress, while the spiked cross decorations on the collar are reminiscent of dark, imposing castles and cathedrals. The cut of this costume is great for any day of the week, and the deep black color is always flattering. The bright, metallic buttons really pop, which adds great details that make you look even more metal, too. No matter where you wear this costume, you will be sure to impress!Of Monsters and MenWhether you want to spend all day and night hanging around your haunted mansion, or just want something special to make the other people around you see how brooding you are, this costume is a sure win! Just try to not to kill anyone if you can help it.

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