Disney Beast Fuzzy Costume Cap


Beast may look like a terrifying monster, but you will look amazing in this Disney Fuzzy Beast Costume Cap accessory featuring the Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

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Appearances Can Be DeceivingThe Beast may think he’s a monster, but he has Belle to teach him that it’s what’s on the inside that counts – not outward appearances. Actually, though, we think that the Beast is outwardly pretty cute! It’s hard to stay scared of something that looks like it would be soft and cuddly. Product DetailsExperience the magic of a tale as old as time when you wear this sweet and hilarious Fuzzy Beast Hat! The officially licensed baseball-style cap is covered with polyester sherpa fabric to mimic the Beast’s shaggy coat. A fabric ear sticks out from each side of the crown and a pair of curved velour horns stand straight up from the top of the hat. Cute graphics of the Beast’s facial features are printed on the front. It’s Magic! Transform into your favorite Disney prince! Thanks to this hat, you won’t have to worry about your enchanted rose wilting because you can transform back at any time. 

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