Sulley Classic Infant Costume


Your little one can become a beloved Pixar monster this Halloween with this officially licensed Disney/Pixar Monster’s Inc Sulley Classic Infant Costume!

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May the best monster win!Before he was promoted to the number one scarer at Monsters, Inc.,…before he went to Monsters University to learn the ropes…before he met his friend Mike and his rival Randall and his little friend Boo…before he came across the Yeti…before he ever burst through a door and made a kid scream to create electricity in Monstropolis…Sulley was a baby monster. Yep, a cute little giggling infant monster being raised by his proud monster mom and dad. Hey, even the biggest monsters have to start somewhere!What? Are you having trouble picturing Sulley as a baby? Well, this will help you. Just take one look our Sulley Classic Infant Costume, officially licensed from Disney! It’ll turn your little one into the perfect monster-in-training this Halloween.The costume is fuzzy and oh-so-soft, and it’s the same turquoise blue as Sulley’s fur when he’s grown up. Except where the grown up Sulley has big purple splotches and magnificent purple horns, this costume has teeny tiny purple dots little purple horns just starting to peek out. Yep, we told you monsters started out as babies! And that Sulley tail! Attach the tail to the costume with hook & loop fastener, and your little one will love swinging it around and making the other kids scream – and end up laughing. All you need to do is pull on the booties with cute little brown felt claws, and you’ve got an adorable baby monster ready to scare up some treats this Halloween!

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