Disney Adult Bambi Thumper Soft Headband & Tail Kit


Put on your Adult Bambi Thumper Soft Headband & Tail Costume Kit and show Bambi what life is like in the forest. After all, someone’s gotta tell him what’s what!

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Nearly Everybody Gets Twitterpated in the SpringtimeFall in love? Eww, gross! You’ll never do that – unless you happen to meet a very cute little bunny with dewy eyes and a twitchy pink nose. In that case you’ll have to admit that Friend Owl was right, but you’ll be so infatuated that you won’t mind if he does say “I told you so!” Product DetailsYou’ll be twitterpated for this officially licensed Adult Bambi Thumper Soft Headband & Tail Costume Kit! The cloth-covered headband jas an attached face panel shaped like the upper half of Thumper’s head. Its details include embroidered eyes as well as soft-sculpted cheeks, snout and mouth, and two 3D ears lined with pink fabric. The tail is an oversized white pom-pom made of faux fur. Bunny Love Dressing up as this famous bunny is sure to get you compliments. Find your fellow woodland friends and hop off in search of adventure! 

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