Disco King Plus Size Costume for Men


Turn on your mirror ball and get into the grove with this exclusive Men’s Disco King Plus Size Costume. It will have you feeling like a true disco king. Available in 2X.

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There can only be one king of the dance floor. Do you know what it takes to be the one and only? Do you have what it takes to hustle under the disco ball and proclaim yourself to be the master of the boogie? Well, we’re here to help you take your rightful place on the disco throne! The main thing you need to be the duke of getting down, is to master your swagger. You need to be groomed like a stone cold stud and dressed in style from head to toe. We’ll let you be responsible for growing the handlebar mustache and shaggy hairstyle, but we’ll help you out with some sweet threads to get you looking like a disco stud, instead of a disco dud.This Disco King Costume brings you the ultimate in 70’s style and in a plus size, no less! The included shirt has a deep v-neck, making sure the world can view that spectacular mane of manly chest hair that you’ve been cultivating. The included pants are covered in stripes of sequins, recreating a vibrant rainbow on your legs. You’ll want to pair this wild costume with a set of platform disco shoes, a super-cool attitude and some groovy dance moves. Of course, if you’re the kind of guy who’s a little short on time and just can’t seem to muster up a mustache in time, then you can always grab one of our faux mustache kits to have you feeling groovier than a vinyl record.

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