Deluxe Mary Poppins Costume for Girls


Grab your umbrella! Play the part of every child’s favorite nanny with the Child Deluxe Mary Poppins Costume.

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A Spoonful of SugarIs your girl sweet as can be? Does she love to sing and dance? Is she great at taking care of her younger siblings, and does she manage to bring a bit of magic everywhere she goes? We thought so!We picked out this Deluxe Mary Poppins Child Costume just for her, seeing how well it would fit her sensibilities! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Mary Poppins is also her favorite film of all times! She knows every word to every song, and even every step of choreography. Cool! We think she’ll make a great leading lady (not to mention a no-nonsense nanny) in this look. It’s as transformative as a stroll through a chalk drawing. You can dress the littles as Jane and Michael Banks and send the whole group out trick-or-treating, confident that your little Mary Poppins will keep the night orderly and have them home by dark. Or you can dress up as Bert and round out the crew!Product DetailsThis is Mary Poppins’ delightful look from the famous chalk drawing scene! It’s perfect for a stroll down an English country road, or for an evening spent gathering sweets (that she’ll no doubt divide up and eat in a very sensible manner, as Mary would advise). This white frock has a sheer overlay with pretty red bows and lace detailing, and a delicate ruffle beneath the ornate lace collar. Little lacy glovettes and a tying white sun hat complete this iconic look. Add a parasol and tell her to brush up on her dance moves, because this look is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!It’s a Jolly HolidayYour little lady will love this look so much, you may find her wearing it for all special occasions! We think that’s great. They just don’t make fashion icons—or ladies—like Mary Poppins anymore, so the more we see of this ensemble, the better! 

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