Adult Care Bears Cheer Bear Knit Hat


You can call Cheer Bear any time you’re sad. She’ll put you in the pink and make you feel real glad! Send out cheerful vibes this Halloween with the Adult Care Bears Cheer Bear Knit Hat!

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Bearly Ever SadCheer Bear almost always displays a happy, upbeat attitude. Very few things ever succeed in bringing her mood down. We have occasionally seen Cheer Bear’s smiles turn upside down, but only when she fails to lift someone else’s spirits. We have to admit, we would probably get discouraged too if we were in her shoes! And when things get discouraging, she can always try calling on her belly badge powers to produce a rainbow, which is a pretty great way to cheer someone up. Her exuberant attitude helps to keep things pleasant in Care-a-Lot, and we hope to send some joy your way, too!Fun DetailsNow you can add an accessory to your wardrobe that’s sure to make you smile! This Cheer Bear Knit Hat has this character’s happy face embroidered on the front and features her perky ears on top. This soft accessory is the same color as Cheer Bear’s pink fur, and would make a great gift for any Care Bears fan!

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