Toddler Birthday Cake Fun to be One


It is so much fun being one! Let your toddler celebrate in this fashionable Toddler Birthday Cake Fun to be One Hat.

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Turning FunThere is no such thing as too much excitement when it comes to your little one’s first birthday. Sure, they won’t remember any of it, but you will and so will the photographs. So, obviously, you’ll want to put together a birthday celebration that’s nearly perfect. Once you have the smash cake ordered and the decorations coordinated, it’s time to get your baby’s outfit together. Turning one year old is a big deal, just any outfit won’t do. But with the right accessories we can help you turn even their plainest onesie into a spectacular look!Product DetailsGet your camera ready because this Toddlers’ Fun to Be One Birthday Cake Hat is sure to cause your kiddo to pose for countless photo opts! The tall yellow hat is designed to look like a cheerful birthday cake with “Fun to be One” embroidered on the front and a single plush birthday candle decorating the top.Smashing SuccessHopefully your one-year-old smashes their cake with all the charm a toddler can possess. Those cheeky, icing covered smiles are priceless. But even if they simply stare blankly at their gathered admirers, this festive hat will have your tiny tot looking ready for their first birthday party!  

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