Deluxe Harry Potter Sirius Plus Size Mens Costume


If Sirius Black is one of your favorite Harry Potter characters, this exclusive Plus Size Mens Deluxe Harry Potter Sirius Costume makes the perfect costume choice for you this Halloween. A must have costume for any HP super fan!

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Let’s Get SiriusSirius Black is an infamous killer who has been trapped in Azkaban for many years, being punished for his heinous crimes against the wizarding world. Tortured by Dementors, he is now deranged and unpredictable, and…he’s recently escaped the prison, on the hunt to find YOU!That’s a pretty good Halloween story, don’t you think? It’s full of sinister images, scary tension, and magical mystery. But of course, a true Harry Potter fan such as yourself knows it’s also only one side of a complicated tale of loyalty, mistaken identity, and revenge. In fact, Sirius Black is one of the good ones, on the side of the light, and ready to help Harry and the Order of the Pheonix at any turn. Whichever way you want to play it this Halloween, this Men’s Plus Size Deluxe Harry Potter Sirius Costume is about as cool as they come, and will prove a welcome and unique change from all the Harrys, Hermiones, and Dumbledore’s you see running around the streets on Halloween night. Design & DetailsThis costume was created right in our in-house design studio, and it is crafted with the utmost attention to detail from the film. It features a complete look comprised of a shirt, pants, jacket, and foam board to hang around your neck. The shirt and pants set features matching stripes, along with an uneven hem at the pant cuffs. And the jacket has a mottled effect and fraying hems for a worn-in-for-years-in-Azkaban appearance.A Sirius StudentIt’s important to note that this costume can transform you into Sirius Black, but it cannot help you transfigure into an animagus. That takes a magical prowess we have yet to master. Keep at your Hogwarts studies and maybe you’ll have it down for next year! 

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