Deluxe Harry Potter Hagrid Men’s Costume


Become the half-giant and half-human Gatekeeper with this Men’s Deluxe Harry Potter Hagrid Costume. He is most trusted by Dumbledore and the tamer of wild creatures and beasts.

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You’re a Hairy Wizard! Okay, yeah. We admit it. That wasn’t a particularly unique phrase to say with regard to Hagrid. Everybody knows the famous introduction to the Wizarding World that he offered Harry Potter. Everybody knows that he’s the fuzziest and cuddliest wizard out there. Swap the words around and… pow! You’ve got yourself a pun worthy of Pottermore. But, c’mon! It is just so perfect. How could we not go with that straight away!? But, here’s the thing. There’s so much more to it! Hagrid isn’t just “hairy” because of that wild mane and a beard that puts Dumbledore to shame. He’s also the master of the study of magical creatures. And, sure, not all of them are technically furry critters, but we think that it is totally appropriate to say that Hagrid is, indeed, a wizard of all things scaley, slimy, or spectral, fuzzy, ferocious, and furry, and that certainly includes hairy! Design & DetailsTell all the Potions Masters, Transmogrifiers, and Animaguses alike that you want your wizards to have hearts as big as their beards when you dress up in this officially licensed Deluxe Hagrid costume from Harry Potter. Our Made by Us team consorted with everything from auguries to yeti to get this look right! The ensemble includes a dark shirt with buttons, cuffs, and a standing collar. Vest panels are sewn into the sides of the faux suede jacket which has functional pockets and antique-style buttons. (Just what you’d expect of a classy hermit like Hagrid!) A New Class of WizardWe always wanted a class devoted to the study of magical creatures and now we’ve got the Deluxe Hagrid costume to help make it happen! To complete your look, you’ll want to pick up the wig and beard kit that comes separately… (unless, of course, you’d like to prove that a Hairy Wizard could be clean-shaven)!

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