Sexy Deer Costume


Whatever you do, don’t go out during hunting season! This sexy deer will transform you into a graceful forest animal like you’ve never seen before. You will definitely be hunted this season in this costume.

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THE MYTH OF THE FAWNThe woods are a mysterious place. You never know what kind of woodland creatures you may run into or what kind of adventures await! We’ve all heard about the fawn and of a certain tragic tale that supposedly took place in the midst of the trees. But, an even older tale suggests that the fawn was a human and deer hybrid! This creature was no victim in the woods. No! It was the master of the realm, the trick-player, the guide…All stories have at least a tiny fragment of truth, though, and perhaps you might be the one to bring this tale from the storybooks to reality! Become a frisky forest creature and show all that this is your domain. Now you can become the prettiest doe on the block or show off those horns and be the biggest buck the urban jungle has ever seen. Whether you picture yourself hanging out with the gang or frolicking in the forest, you’ll have a hard time beating this fun style.DESIGN & DETAILSOur in-house designers are in-the-know when it comes to mystical woodland creatures and have done all the moonlight prancing necessary to pull off this perfectly exclusive Sexy Deer Costume. Become a real to life fawn with this fun and unique animal-style sheath dress costume featuring a faux fur panel and printed spots to add those essential deer-like traits to your look. The back of the dress has an attached faux fur tail that is held up by a thread sewn through the hood seam. The hood has holes at the top so your movable antlers can comfortably fit through. Who says antlers are just for the bucks!? When you’re a fawn, you get to decide how woodland magic works!NOT JUST FOR NARNIAIf you thought that the magical animals of a land through the wardrobe was the only place you would be finding a bit of mystical elegance, you were wrong! It is time to let the fawn out of that winter realm and into the urban jungle! Prepare for a day and night of real life frolicking when you climb into this exclusively designed Deer Costume and start pulling some pranks of your own.

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