Deluxe Harry Potter McGonagall Plus Size Costume


Hold the power of witchcraft and magic with this Plus Size Deluxe Harry Potter McGonagall Costume. Also known as the best witch in Hogwarts, Minerva McGonagall.

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Wingardium WitchHalloween is a natural time for the witches of the world to come soaring through the skies and into our world. For a long while, Muggles weren’t sure where they came from. A portal from a magical realm? Birthed from mysterious witch fires in the woods? Or perhaps they were just the somewhat scary ladies that lived down the street. Turns out that all of those options were right all along! And, of all the witches of the Wizarding World, one has that scary stare down pat! Whether she’s flying on her broom, shapeshifting into a feline, or simply giving a serious look at a pair of stuttering students, Minerva McGonagall is the epitome of all our favorite witches! Pointy hat? Check! Serious magical power? You betcha! Devours children up as if they were made of candy? Well, probably not, though it is one of the favorite stories told by the fifth years! Either way, if you’re looking to bring the Wizarding World to life, McGonagall is the way to go! Design & DetailsGet your witchy glare going when you slip into this officially licensed Deluxe Minerva McGonagall costume for adults. Our witch-obsessed Made by Us design team hopped into the Hogwarts portals to bring you an authentic look that’ll have all the Harry Potters and Ron Weasleys worrying about the homework they didn’t finish! Start with a jersey knit dress that fastens behind your neck and features a firm collar and long drapes. Empress sleeves and a poplin cloak gives you the grandeur you need to take command of Hogwarts. Naturally, her iconic conical hat is included, too! Stare them DownWhen you have garbed in McGonagall glory thanks to this Deluxe Minerva costume, all you’ll need is to practice your stern look. In no time, you’ll be channeling all the magic of the Wizarding World. 

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