Kid’s Holographic Bee Wings


Accessorize your kids cute bee costume with the Holographic Bee Wings. These wings will look great paired with many of our fun costumes.

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Don’t Worry, Bee Happy Your insect outfit is absolutely perfect except for one thing: No wings! Whoever heard of a bumblebee, a wasp, or a dragonfly that walked everywhere it went? That would just be silly. To really sell your bug fashion, you’ll need a stylish accessory to make your costume soar. Product DetailsAny costume would be the bee’s knees when paired with this cute, exclusive pair of Holographic Bee Wings! Each wing is made of clear, iridescent vinyl that’s decorated with a wing pattern. Together, they measure about twenty-eight inches across. The attached black elastic shoulder straps are length-adjustable. A Real Honey Thanks to these wings, you can now accomplish all of your normal, everyday bee activities: searching for flowers, collecting pollen, making honey, and stinging anyone who threatens the hive. You could also go trick-or-treating and enjoy costume parties too, although stinging is considered rude in those circumstances. 

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