Disney Sebastian Baby Carrier Cover


You’ll never be late for another under the sea concert again when you let your baby wear this adorable Sebastian Baby Carrier Costume Cover to the next costume event!

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Life is SweeterDoes your baby love bath time so much that they fuss every time you pull the plug and return them to dry land? In their free time, do you hear them composing original songs with babbles and coos? Do they have a penchant for keeping the rest of the household in line, more so than even you?It’s possible they’re in cahoots with King Triton’s most trusted advisor! In fact, they’re probably reporting directly to Sebastian about how les poissons are treated above the sea. Luckily, unlike when Sebastian made his maiden voyage to the surface, your child can observe the world from your cozy home. Even better? You’ve decided they get to enjoy their first trick-or-treat, and that’s sure to convince Sebastian and company that life on land is the sweetest!Design & DetailsGet your little one dressed for their role as Sebastian’s understudy with this exclusive Disney Sebastian Baby Carrier Cover! The officially licensed baby carrier costume comes with two easy-to-use pieces that quickly transform your little one into the cutest crustacean.The carrier cover has six little legs and two larger fiber-filled claws, all shaped from super-soft red fleece. The cover attaches to a baby carrier with hook-and-loop fasteners along its sides. The included hood is made from the same cuddly materials and promises to fit comfortable and warm around your little one’s ears. Thoughtful sculpting and embroidered details ensure the hood looks like Sebastian.Don’t Ask UrsulaYour baby doesn’t need to visit the Sea Witch to get a cute and cuddly crab shell! This carrier quickly and comfortably pulls the transformation together and doesn’t require any trading of legs or voice. Pair the adorable look with your own Little Mermaid costume for a perfect mini-and-me Halloween costume!

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