Dangerous Alligator Costume for Toddlers


Swim your way around the swamp, ready to attack in this Toddler’s Dangerous Alligator Costume. The only thing you will have to worry about is Steve Irwin and his son when you wear this costume.

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Danger Lurking Around Every CornerToday started like any normal day. You woke up. You smelled the coffee brewing in the kitchen. You stretched before swinging your legs over the bed. And then carefully stepped into your slippers on the fl—AH! What is that?! Oh my gosh, there’s an alligator hanging off your ankle! Hurry, you better run!Oh…phew! It was just your little tot dressed in this Dangerous Alligator Costume for Toddlers. Turns out they had been waiting under your bed since the wee hours of the morning, hoping to scare you with their fierce chomp! That’s actually quite a lot of patience for a toddler. Now hopefully they can channel that into something productive, like waiting for Halloween night, when they can finally prowl the swamp for choice candy morsels and costume contests! Design & DetailsThis exclusive costume creates a totally authentic look by way of a comfy jumpsuit, attached mitts, a hood, and boot covers. A front zipper makes for easy transformation, while the stuffed spikes on the back create a realistic alligator silhouette. As for that sharp bite and quick-to-flare ferocity, well, we can’t take credit. We think that may just be common to toddlers!Monster Under Your BedTrust us, this costume will turn your kiddo into a Halloween fanatic instantly. However, it may also have the side effect of turning them into an alligator who lurks under your bed for a few days until the fun wears off. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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