Grim Reaper Restroom Door Decoration Cover


Add this Grim Reaper Bathroom Decoration Door Cover to your home this Halloween season and get a laugh out of your visitors. This cover easily attaches to any door and is the perfect decor for your next Halloween party.

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Grim’s Gotta GoWhat’s Halloween without a bit of humor? Nothing, that’s what! Now, we know everyone thinks the most successful parties are the ones that are pure terror. But the actual recipe for a rockin’ Halloween bash is more subtle, like a delicate witch’s brew. You need 3 parts scary elements, 1 part thematic food and drink to feed the masses, and 1 part funny decor to help relieve a bit of that spooky tension. Trust us, we’ve been doing this a long time, and this combo really works!What better way to add a bit of Halloween humor into your home than with a good bathroom joke? Try this Grim Reaper Restroom Door Cover for an easy way to entertain your partygoers. No one likes standing in line for the bathroom at a party—you feel like you’re missing all the fun Halloween action. But this piece keeps your guests engaged in the joy of the holiday, and will give them something to laugh about together!Product DetailsThis hilarious hanging is made of all-weather plastic and features a print of an optical illusion—as though you’ve just opened the door on the Grim Reaper doin’ his business. Funny touches like his ankle socks and Obit section make this door cover a must for Halloween, year after year!

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