CreatureCuffs Chicken Feet


Be ready to rule the coop or just the dance floor of your next costume themed event with these CreatureCuffs Chicken Feet! These accessories wrap around your ankles and lay on top of your feet or shoes.

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Squawking in DelightChickens can be delightful creatures. The way they strut about the barnyard, pecking at the dirt, can be both peaceful and comical. Their unique head bobbing as they move is easy to spot from a distance. They also come in a surprisingly large variety of colors. But one thing all chickens have in common is their clawed feet. They can be different colors, but their structure is always the same. If you’re dressing up as a chicken this year, then it is vital that you have a pair of CreatureCuffs Chicken Feet to complete your feathery masterpiece!Product DetailsThese yellow chicken feet are stuffed with padding to keep their shape. Each toe ends in an orange felt claw. You won’t be scratching up any floors! The cuffs wrap around your ankles and close with a velcro type fastener. There is also a loop of elastic on the underside of the center toe, which can be attached to your shoelace to minimize flopping while walking. All you need now are some matching leggings! If you’re also looking for chicken tails, masks, and more, look no further! We’ve got all of your clucking costume needs on our website.

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