Crafty Cat Purse


Complete your look with this Crafty Cat Purse! This purse is the perfect accessory for your cat costume or to use as a year-round favorite. It is fully functional with space for your cash, cards, and keys.

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Preventing Cat-astrophySimply put, your feline familiar is just not allowed in all establishments. Your favorite restaurant doesn’t like shed fur floating around their kitchen. The antique store is too full of fragile pieces for your kitty to roam freely. And the apothecary, well, we’ve seen the things lazily floating in glass vials, and your cat has too—they look terribly fun to knock over. But what is a witch supposed to do without their familiar at their side? It’s a nightmare (scarier than an apothecary covered in shattered jars and… what is that exactly?) waiting to happen.Luckily, our talented team has a bit of magic of their own and came up with a clever way for you to keep your enchanting black cat with you wherever you go!Design & DetailsCarry all the essentials, no matter where you’re headed with your very own Crafty Cat Purse! This stylish round bag features appliqued and soft-sculpted details to get it looking just like a spooky black cat. Faux fur fabric is attached to the leatherette shell and makes this costume accessory look and feel just like your feline friend. Adorable looks aside, a sturdy metal zipper on the body of the bag offers a safe place to store potion ingredients and your cell phone. And an adjustable shoulder strap allows you to wear the costume purse how you feel most comfortable.Purrfect AccessoryWhether you’re masquerading as a witch, crazy cat parent, or just as a cat, this exclusive Crafty Cat Costume Purse Accessory is a must-have! Arrive at your costume party with everything you need inside the trendy circle-shaped bag. Look and feel as playful as your trick-or-treating kiddos. All while purrfecting your own Halloween ensemble!

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