Women’s Plus Size Exquisite Cleopatra Costume


You’ll feel like the Queen of the Nile when you wear this beautiful Women’s Plus Size Exquisite Cleopatra Costume to your next costume party! Add some gold jewelry and an Egyptian cat and your look will be complete.

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Queen of the NileYou weren’t just another monarch. You were a legend, in every sense of the word! Rising to power in a man’s empire, you held onto your throne while captivating the interests and ensuring the loyalty of your fellow rulers. You assembled a glittering court, showed magnificent style, and met adversary on your own terms. No wonder the history books remember you as a gorgeous, dangerous figure! Product DetailsMake way for the queen! This Plus Size Exquisite Cleopatra Costume for Women will have you feeling like the royalty you are at heart. The exclusive sleeveless gown is made of a flattering blend of polyester and spandex to accent your regal beauty. Its long skirt features two dramatic thigh-high side slits to show off your elegant legs. The stunning V-neckline is trimmed with gold sequins. Because you can never have too much glitz and glamour when you’re a queen, the golden geometric-patterned belt is finished with a shiny metallic front drape. (The drape is also embellished with your royal symbol so that your subjects know when to kneel.) A gorgeous gold collar made of metallic gold faux leather fastens at the back of your neck and is trimmed with geometric black and gold ribbon to match your belt. Ancient Glamour Beware, Roman dictators and would-be conquerors! You’ll never best Egypt’s feisty queen – or be able to dress better! Treat yourself to an unforgettable costume this year. Your next Halloween will be legendary enough to be painted inside a pyramid! 

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