CLUE Dagger Weapon


Add to your game weapon collection with the CLUE Dagger Weapon. Get ready for a live action “Who Done It?” party and have this at your disposal and ready to go whenever you need it.

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A Terrible CrimeSomeone come quick! A dagger has been discovered in the drawing room, along with the fallen body of our host! Or was it discovered in the kitchen? The conservatory? We don’t remember, but a crime has certainly been committed.Product DetailsWhen the houseguests discover this officially licensed Dagger Weapon from CLUE in your possession, you will be instantly convicted of having the coolest costume accessory around! The exclusive dagger-shaped prop is made of sturdy (but presumably non-lethal) polyurethane foam that has been shaped and colored to look like an antique silver-tone dagger. The prop measures approximately ten and a half inches long, but is unlikely to cause significant harm to anyone, but it’s probably best not to stab anyone with it – just in case. I AccuseWill you get away with murder? Or will the other guests discover your duplicity? Get your best friends together for an unforgettable group costume complete with an amazing accessory!  

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