Women’s Salty Seas Pirate Costume


In the Women’s Salty Seas Pirate Costume, you’ll have people lining up to walk the plank! Sail the seven seas with this exclusively made costume.

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Seize the ExperienceDo you yearn for more? Sure, your life might be great, but there’s so much more out there. You know, adventure, the high seas, and piles of treasure. It’s all just waiting for you. You just need to seize it!That’s right. It’s time for you to become a pirate. When you accept the life of a swashbuckling adventurer, you get to bend every rule in the book. You get to travel to the ends of the oceans, just for the mere pleasure of conquering the open waters. You get to pilfer doubloons, gems, and rare trinkets at your leisure. And if anyone tries to stop you… well, that’s when you show them the business end of your cutlass! Yes, the life of a pirate is for those crave complete freedom and this Women’s Salty Seas Pirate Costume will have you ready to embrace your inner buccaneer!Design & DetailsOur expert costume designers wanted to craft an outfit that helps you feel as free as freebooter sailing the high seas! It’s an exclusive design that combines a cute, modern style with the classic pirate look to create a truly unique pirating experience. The women’s pirate costume starts with a bodysuit. The bottom is black, while the top portion is designed to look like a pirate blouse. It has lace on the thighs to help adjust the fit, while giving it a daring look that’s perfect for a new life of piracy. The belt and hip scarf fit around the waist. The gloves are elbow-length and they feature a Jolly Roger symbol on the sides. Finally, the headscarf ties around your head to complete the whole ensemble. It’s a look that’s fierce and free!Adventure AwaitsIf you crave adventure, treasure, and a sexy and stylish outfit to wear, then this Made by Us costume is a great choice! Just make sure you pair it up with a pair of stockings to recreate the full look!

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