Classic Luna Lovegood Wand from Harry Potter


This Harry Potter Classic Luna Lovegood Wand is a replica of the one Luna used in the hit Harry Potter films. You’ll be casting spells in no time when you pair this wand with your costume.

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The Power of OddLuna Lovegood has a way of standing out from her classmates. At first, it was just her quirks that made her rather noticeable. But as we got to know her, we realized that those strange tendencies came with a strong dose of wisdom and bravery. It’s those stand-out qualities that saved the day… multiple times, in fact! Without Luna, Harry wouldn’t have found his way to one of Voldermort’s Horcruxes. And if she hadn’t been there during the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry wouldn’t have found the strength to cast his Patronus at a very important moment. When it comes to powers, Luna has a sort that goes far beyond the basic charms and potions taught at Hogwarts!Product DetailsThis essential Wizarding World prop is molded to look just like Luna Lovegood’s second wand that was custom made by Ollivander as a thank you for bringing comfort in a dark time. The smooth design has a dark color and the perfect curves and bumps that give it great handling power. Use this to top of any of our Luna Lovegood costumes or just to celebrate the intelligent powers that Luna has yielded since the very beginning! 

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