Bricky Blocks Knit Scarf


This Bricky Blocks Knit Scarf is perfect for any fans of plastic building blocks. Featuring a plastic brick design in yellow, green, blue, and red!

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Built for a BuilderAs the weather gets chillier, hats, gloves, and scarfs come out of storage to guard their owners. As these items are so often on display, it’s important that they reflect people’s likes and passions. Unique options are especially fun! Can you imagine a scarf made out of Legos or another building blocks? Sounds a bit uncomfortable, we think! But this Bricky Blocks Knit Scarf has other, cozier ideas. No, it is not ACTUALLY made of Bricky Blocks! But fans of the customizable apparel brand will love having this soft, on brand accessory in their closets.Product DetailsThis soft, 100% acrylic is knit to look just like a line of building blocks. The variety of red, blue, yellow, and green blocks makes this scarf compatible with almost any look in a closet! We recommend pairing it with one of the Bricky Blocks hats for maximum effect. Check out our website to see some cap and blocks selections! With these items, there will be no doubt about what the wearer likes to do in their spare time. Do you have a little engineer at home? Or perhaps you’d like one for yourself? Either way, this scarf will be the perfect fit!

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