Classic Beetlejuice Blazer for Men


Be the best dressed ghoul around when you wear this exclusive Men’s Classic Beetlejuice Blazer. A must have apparel choice if you are a superfan of Beetlejuice!

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Haunt in Style When you’re heading to the Neitherworld, there’s always a little bit of a risk of being forgotten. Folks can move into your house and completely redesign everything without a single consideration for all the work you’ve put into gussying the place up. That’s why it is pretty important to leave your mark on the world while you can and, even more importantly, have a signature look once you get your hands on the Handbook for the Recently Deceased. That’s the surefire way to get mortals to call out your name and bring you back for a shrieking-fun showtime! Design & Details You can take after the ghost who reinvented style with this Classic Beetlejuice Men’s Blazer. This exclusive bit of ghostly couture comes from our Made By Us team and brings the iconic look of Beetlejuice’s striped suit to life. The jacket’s exterior features vertical black and white stripes on the torso panels and horizontal ones on the sleeves. The lining is a bright green that will keep you looking stunning even in the black and white Neitherworld. Best yet, they say that you can’t take it with you, but with the outer and secret inner pockets, you’ll have plenty of space to store your spooky stuff!

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