Classic Adult Stitch Kit


Enjoy transforming yourself into Stitch when you get this Classic Adult Stitch Kit. This Classic Adult Stitch Kit features an adorable headband with Stitch’s ears and a separate fluffy, clip on Stitch tail.

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Great ImpersonationsSome people rely on appearance to turn them into their favorite characters on Halloween, and they spend time and effort finding the perfect costume, face paint, and accessories. Others, like you, like to use Halloween to work on your character impersonations!If you want to be lovable, troublemaking Stitch for Halloween (and really, who doesn’t), it’s more in the attitude than the look itself. Of course, you need some Stitch-like features to pull off a transformation, but you also want to make sure you’re free to move about and wreak havoc wherever you go. You certainly can’t do that if you’re all zipped and buttoned into a confining costume, can you? That’s why this Adult Classic Stitch Kit is a perfect find — just like adopting your ideal forever “dog” from the shelter, it was made for you! Now, rather than fussing over a costume, you can learn how to build a block replica of San Francisco so you can re-enact your favorite scene at tonight’s Halloween party. Product DetailsThis kit comes with two pieces — Stitch’s signature ears and a blue tuft of fur atop a comfy, easy-to-wear headband, and a blue tail that clips onto your regular pants. Wear all blue for a full costume look, or keep it casual and let your great acting carry you!

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